Hi! I’m Inge a Curly Hair Guru 

I helped thousands of women and men from all around the world love, understand, and transform their wavy or curly hair.

I am determined to educate women and men of all ages to finally control their stubborn, frizzy hair. Giving them hair tossing, main character vibes for the rest of their life!

I mix scientific knowledge with natural ingredients to bring you hair that will not only look incredible now… but will get better and better with age. Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

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I have been sharing my knowledge and inspiration on Instagram for 2 years and my account has now grown to 190,000 followers. 

I help you completely transform your curls through easy-to-understand techniques, product knowledge, and self-empowerment. 

Learning what your hair needs will increase your confidence and make you accept and appreciate your curls. Defining a strategy will help you get to know your hair and know exactly what, why and how to best care for your hair to get that beautiful bunch of curls you so long for!