Hi! I’m Inge and I’m wearing my curls with pride.

Curls are unique, diverse and beautiful and I would love to give you that same feeling of confidence.
I love to inspire others, but the one thing that make me really happy is the transformation!

I’ll coach you through the transformation from dry frizzy hair to healthy, springy hair.
I serve online courses and share my knowledge and experiences on Instagram.

With this knowledge and experience, I can help you with a roadmap so you can be proud of your beautiful bunch of curls!

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years of curl-struggles
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I have been sharing my knowledge and inspiration on Instagram for 2 years and my account has now grown to 178,000 followers. Now I teach you to develop an appropriate step-by-step plan in which mindset, Styling technique and Strategy are the most important ingredients.

I am happy to help you with your Mindset, Styling technique and Curl strategy to achieve your desired result to beautiful, shiny and defined curls that you are proud of!

It all starts with the right mindset, how are you in your life? And what kind of thoughts are going through your mind and are you taking the responsibility to accept your natural curls?  Do you have no idea what steps are needed to get the desired results? 

Learning what your hair needs will increase your confidence and make you accept and appreciate your curls. Defining a strategy will help you get to know your hair and know exactly what, why and how to best care for your hair to get that beautiful bunch of curls you so long for.


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