Bring your curls
back to life!

“Help! I want beautiful and healthy curls.
But where to start?”

“There are so many products and styling techniques for curly hair.
I wish I could find the routine that works for me”

“I take care of my curls but I don’t get the results that I wanted. I wish I could find the one thing that works for me”

Do you recognize this?

How nice would it be if you…

Are you ready for the next step to transform your hair into healthy, hydrated and shiny hair?

Who is this program suitable for?

This course is suitable for wavy and curly hair.
It does not matter whether if you are already in the process or whether you are at the beginning. There is always room for new insights and growth!

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Wavy & Curl Academy

The world`s first complete online academy that allows you to transform your curls from frizzy, dry, thin curls to hydrated beautiful curls. And to become your own hair guru while training your hair to be the best it can be!

This program is divided into 10 modules.

In part 1 you will learn:


#1 Mindset

It starts with your mind, which determines how you look at yourself. You will learn how to embrace your curls and to be satisfied with yourself.

#2 Hair Characteristics 

How do you know what the right products are and what haircare is needed for your curls? You learn to find out your hair characteristics through tests.

#3 Ingredients

Certain ingredients cause your curls to dry out. Soon you will know exactly which ingredients are good and which are best to avoid.


#4 Hair Balance

It may seem difficult at first to get the protein-moisture balance right. You will learn how to balance your curls so that you get a much clear understanding of how to make sure that your hair is getting the best of both worlds.

#5 Hair Treatments

What treatments are there? What are they suitable for and when and how do I add a treatment to my routine?

In part 2 you will learn:


#6 Products

What kind of curlproducts are best for my hair? You learn what each product is suitable for and which one suits your hair best.

#7 Styling Methods

How you apply the product to your hair is also an important part for the result/outcome of your curls.
Technique matters and you will find what suits you best.

#8 Routine

How do I get consistent results? How do I make sure that my curls hold during the day and the next day?
It starts with your routine.


#9 Ways to Dry your Hair 

There are several ways you can dry your hair.
Discover which method suits you best.

#10 Refresh

Taking care of your curls between wash days can be a challenge. Find your key to a successful refresh day.





The Wavy & Curly Hair ACADEMY

Online Course
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Whether you’re brand new to your journey or have been on the wavy / curly game for a while, a consultation is a great place to get all of your burning questions answered on Zoom!

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Wavy & Curly

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